Granite Sealing El Dorado Hills

SacSurfacePro can make your home’s surfaces a true reflection of you!

Providing Granite Sealing in El Dorado Hills, SacSurfacePro continues to be the local expert for cleaning and maintaining the granite surfaces in your home. Since 2005, we have provided professional Granite Cleaning in the El Dorado Hills community and to thousands of homeowners like you. We educate our clients on the proper methods of care for their granite surfaces. Every homeowner wants to achieve and maintain that “like new” glow and we can help you do just that! By using our services and practicing our tried and true maintenance methods, you can take pride in your home’s appearance again. Save yourself time and hassle and allow SacSurfacePro to take care of your home’s granite surface cleaning needs in El Dorado Hills.

There are not many companies in the El Dorado Hills area who specialize in Granite Sealing. SacSurfacePro has a wealth of knowledge about Granite Sealing. We are experts in cleaning, sealing, and re-polishing your granite countertops. In fact, we have all the right tools, attachments, products and skills to clean and seal many surfaces in your home.

Most people agree that granite countertops are an elegant, modern fixture in any home. What many homeowners don’t know is that if granite is not properly sealed and protected, it can easily become permanently stained and damaged, leading to thousands of dollars in replacement costs! Many granites are naturally porous, so they are susceptible to hard water stains and food stains from berries, mustard, wine, tomatoes, and other common foods and drinks that leave behind stubborn stains. We at SacSurfacePro encounter many customers who are unaware that their newly installed granite needs to be sealed. Most granite fabricators and stone experts recommend that granite be sealed one to two times per year. Our exclusive products uniquely bond to granite ensuring protection for a minimum of 5 years. If you have purchased new granite or haven’t sealed your existing granite in a while, please take just a quick moment to answer the following questions. Your answers will help you determine if your granite surfaces may be at risk:

  • Did you know that many builders and installers don’t seal your new granite?
  • Has it been more than a year since you resealed your granite?
  • Does your granite look hazy or oily?
  • Does your granite surface have glass rings or marks on it?
  • Are you frustrated because your granite is dull and has lost its original sheen?
  • Does your granite have water stains on it?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, you should definitely call us to discuss the best possible solutions. SacSurfacePro has specialized in granite sealing and cleaning of granite surfaces throughout the Sacramento area since 2005. Contact us today for a service appointment!

Granite Sealing in El Dorado Hills

What makes SacSurfacePro sealers special?

Our competitors typically need to reseal granite at least once or twice a year. They seal by temporarily “filling” the pores in the granite. Our exclusive granite sealing product chemically bonds to the porous granite surface allowing us to provide a minimum 5-year warranty. This sealer is much different because it creates a hybrid effect of both penetration and topical sealing. A penetrating, or impregnating seal protects from staining such as oil, grease, and staining agents like strawberries, cherries, red wine, etc. A topical seal makes the surface shiny, smooth to the touch, and helps prevent the formation of hard water stains. With SacSurfacePro’s protective sealer, you get the best of both worlds. Your granite will be protected from spills and staining and have a shiny, smooth glow for years to come if properly maintained.

How do I protect my granite on a daily basis?

Sealing granite doesn’t make it bulletproof, but it does help protect it from stains that ruin its look and shine. Keeping your granite sparkling usually requires a quick, daily swabbing with a dry cloth for food and drink spills. To avoid hard water stains, many of our customers keep a soft, dry cloth handy and swab around the faucets after dishwashing, handwashing or food preparation. Some of the most stubborn hard water stains we see are right around the sinks in granite-surfaced kitchens.
Daily Care Tips for Granite in the Kitchen: Use coasters under drinks, especially those containing alcohol, coffee, or fruit juice. Never place hot items from the range or oven directly on a granite countertop. Granite is a rock but its also polished rock! We all know that sometimes, even with the best of care, accidents happen so always make sure to wipe up spills as soon as you see them.

Using the wrong products to clean granite destroys its shine and smooth texture while also removing the sealer. Most off-the-shelf cleaners contain acids or alkaline. The popular Windex will cause pitting and dulling of granite surfaces. Other acidic cleansers such as vinegar, which is often recommended by do-it-yourself sites, will quickly destroy the seal. Other cleaners such as Clorox wipes will remove the seal. Take time to research the cleaners you are using! We recommend using denatured or rubbing alcohol mixed with equal parts water to maintain the protective power of our seal. The occasional use (once or twice a month) of a commercial grade granite polish is highly recommended.

Note: The use of alcohol may be too aggressive for most penetrating sealers. Because of the unique bonding power of SacSurfacePro’s sealer, alcohol will not harm our seal at all. However, over spraying alcohol products may damage the finish on cabinets or painted walls, so use these products sparingly. With the proper selection, careful protection, and professional sealing from SacSurfacePro, your granite surfaces will welcome you, your family and guests into your home for many years!