Glass Sealing El Dorado Hills

Specializing in glass sealing in the El Dorado Hills area, SacSurfacePro continues to make cleaning your shower glass a breeze. Many homeowners in El Dorado Hills choose the clear glass for their shower enclosures. Clear glass is a great choice to open up your bathroom and make it look larger but it can also be a chore to keep it looking clean. Did you know that over 90% of homes in America have hard water? Sounds like a big problem, right? Great news! SacSurfacePro can apply a sealer to the glass making it 75% easier to clean! Hard water is the enemy of clear or even obscure glass, and occurs when there is too much calcium and magnesium in your water. Water left daily on the surface will evaporate and leave behind those nasty minerals. Over an extended period of time these water spots can become extremely difficult to remove. Most of us are too busy or tired at the end of a long workday and definitely don’t want to waste our weekends cleaning hard water stains. Let the professionals at SacSurfacePro protect your shower glass from those hard water stains!

SacSurfacePro is an exclusive dealer for HydroShield and has protected thousands of shower doors for homeowners in El Dorado Hills and the surrounding areas since 2005. We offer our clients long-lasting protection for all their new shower glass surfaces. We make daily and weekly cleaning of your bathroom glass surfaces such a cinch!

What is HydroShield?

HydroShield is a product that chemically bonds to shower glass or glass-glazed surfaces protecting them from hard water and staining. HydroShield does not create a filmy surface on shower glass, and it will not chip, peel, or discolor. HydroShield changes the molecular structure of the glass at the surface eliminating microscopic peaks and valleys that attract bacteria or minerals that cause stains. Your shower glass surfaces will appear smooth, water will bead and run off of them, and cleaning them will be a breeze!

What surfaces will HydroShield protect?

Shower Glass    Windows    Glass Block    Sinks    Toilets     Ceramic Tile

What to expect after HydroShield:

HydroShield-protected surfaces still get dirty; however, a HydroShield-protected surface is exponentially easier to clean. HydroShield works just like a non-stick coating on a frying pan; it does not keep the pan from becoming soiled during cooking, but it does make the cleaning of the pan simpler. Hard water beads on the HydroShield coating, rather than penetrating it, making cleaning effortless.

Can existing water spots be removed?

Usually, yes. SacSurfacePro uses a cleaner that is non-acidic which will not damage shower glass OR surrounding surfaces. Also, unlike most water spot removers, our creamy cleanser contains no harsh abrasives. Since 2005, we have restored many shower glass and window panes around the greater Sacramento area that were no longer clear but almost opaque. Contact us to see before and after photos of the difference!

Throw Away Those Harsh Cleaning Solutions!

Most glass cleaning products available in supermarkets and even online contain either harsh acids or have high alkalinity that can harm not only the sealed surface, but also the surrounding surfaces. Acids will quickly remove the protection from shower glass . Alkalines strip waxes or coatings so these will also negatively affect the seal. It is crucial to use neutral pH cleaners when cleaning HydroShield-protected surfaces! Read all product labels carefully! The good news: with HydroShield-protected surfaces, you’ll no longer need harsh, scrubbing agents for cleaning glass.

HydroShield Glass Cleaner-

This specially formulated neutral pH cleaner cleans

HydroShield-protected surfaces. In addition, you can use denatured or rubbing alcohol mixed with 50% water to maintain surfaces without damaging the HydroShield. The warranty for new shower glass and new windows is 3 years. Some exceptions apply.